Crystal Waters Capital


Crystal Waters Capital is a diversified, long-biased, growth fund launched in December 2017, with a primary focus on attaining superior investment returns through both long and short-term positions in companies that show the potential for higher returns, generally over a 12-24 month time frame.  We look for companies that have been mispriced by the market due to exogenous events and invest for the long term to maximize gains.   


The Partnership invests long and short in securities, consisting principally, but not solely, of equity and equity-related Securities issued by companies (both U.S. and non-U.S.) that are traded in U.S. markets.  The Partnership also may invest in preferred stocks, convertible Securities, warrants, rights, options (including covered and uncovered puts and calls and over-the-counter options), swaps and other derivative instruments, bonds and other fixed income Securities, private Securities, non-U.S. currencies, futures, options on futures, other commodity interests and money market instruments and cash and cash equivalents.